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Monday, September 23, 2013

SVG Cuts "Craft Finalist" Go Vote Now!

We did it! We helped SVG Cuts make it to #1 in the Craft category!

Now we need to go vote starting today for the next 7 days. Til Sept 30th.  You can vote 6 times a day. Just keep hitting the vote button.

Now, the link is super hard to find as the Martha site is not updated but here is the link for you.  So pass this link on so others can find it and vote for our favorite SVG file designer.

GO HERE TO VOTE!  Sept 23 - Sept 30, 2013.

Thank you all for helping SVG Cuts! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please help out SVG Cuts!

Hey all,

I just wanted to post and ask you all to go help out SVG Cuts.

    (This is the screen you will see and you click the green button in the bottom right, 6 times a day)

They are in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest!  And their lead is slipping away.  And need your help.

Go to this link and vote for SVG Cuts.   You can vote 6 times a day.  Just hit the green vote button over and over till your 6 for that day are up.  Then go back every day until Sept 22 and vote 6 times a day.  Pick a good time that works for you, because you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can vote again.

If you need help remembering to go vote.  Then sign up for the "Street Team" they will send you a daily reminder to go vote.

So I'm asking y'all to take 5 mins out of your day and go help SVG Cuts out!

Thanks so much,