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Monday, November 28, 2011

Printer Issues Continue!

Okay, So after several hours on the phone with Kodak yesterday.  I get a email this morning.  They have checked in to the error and for me to call them when I can.

So, get up, clean the house and wash clothes, and mop the floors.  And call Kodak back.  With my support ticket number.  And again, they did remote access and tried every thing they could to fix my issues with installing it.  But nothing worked.  But in the mean time.  Some thing happened to my Adobe Reader and I couldn't open any pdf's.  So, they said, they would send in another report and get back to me.

Well,  I had the error report.  So I did some checking in google and looked up the error code.  And guess what!  I FIXED IT MYSELF!  I was so excited.  I actually got it to install.   Come to find out. The error I was getting was "Error 1402 Could not open key"  then a really long string of letters and numbers. So I googled "Error 1402"  And found THIS.  It sounded like my problem.   So I went step by step using the code and numbers in my own error log.  And did every thing it said.  And tried the install again.  And it worked like a charm.  So I said, well,  I will try this with the Adobe reader.  That wouldn't you reinstall it.  And guess what.  It worked as well.   So now,  Im going to try this on my Adobe Illustrator.  Because I cant get it to reinstall for the same reason.

Okay, so we think we are ready to go now that the printer is installed via wireless from my computer.  So I do a test page,  It prints perfect.  Then what the heck!  I get a Print head error!  Okay, this printer is only 2 days old.  So I look up the error code on the Kodak website.  And try every thing it says.  And it still has the same error.  So I call Kodak back.  And its a no go.  Come to find out.  My printer is one of the ones in a batch with bad print heads.  So they are sending me a new one.   Hopefully in a few days, I will have a working printer.  But all in all,  Kodak is great with their customer service.

Hopefully next up date. Will be about a working new printer.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frustrating Printer Issues And Great News!

I have been needed to update our old Lexmark 4350 for some time.  I have had this printer about 6 years and it still works and all.  But the problem is.  I have it hard wired to my old lap top with Windows XP in my scraproom.

When I'm working on my new laptop and need to print coupons and stuff.  My new HP laptop with Windows 7 won't print to it.  I have tried downloading the new W7 drivers for it.  It says it working fine. But when I go to print, it tells me I don't have the right drivers.  So I tried taking the laptop in the scrap room and hard wire it instead of over the next work.  And still no go.

So, I figured, Walmart had a new Kodak 2150 "Wireless" printer on sale for $69.  So I ran over and picked up the last one.  Thinking this would fix all my printer issues, Right!

Well, it only half fixed the issues. I got the printer all hooked up,  And the WiFi button is all nice and blue.  So I tried running the old XP laptop wireless and it wouldn't.  No biggie, I just hard wired it which is fine, Its in the craftroom right next to the printer.  So I set print and its all good to go.

So I then go to the living room where the other 2 (Matching Identical) laptops are.  One mine, One my husbands.  I put the Kodak disk in, it installs and every thing is good to go. I do a test print via wireless and woo hoo! Its works.  The disk says "Install this software on EVERY Computer you want to run wireless"  So I move the disk over to my Matching and Identical laptop thinking, Its all good to go.

And holy cow! It wont install, it gets half done, and says "Rolling back" Install was unsuccessful"  Say what!  So I try again, 4 more times.  I get out the trouble shooting manual.  It gives a website to go and download the software manually.   I try that. It gets half installed and tells me the same things.  Errrrrr!

So I pick up the phone and call Kodak support.  And spend the next 4.5 hours on the phone with them.  And have to say, Kodak support ROCKS!  They were so good with trying to help and figure this out.  I only have a cell phone and when it gets warm it drops calls.  So yep, it dropped the call 5 times in those 4.5 hours.  And they were really good about calling me right back.  I talked with 2 different Reps and they tried every thing they could even though "Remote Access"  And couldn't get it to load.  So they told me.  They would forward that on to a supervisor and I would get a call with in 30mins.

Well, not even 10 mins later, Super visor calls,  And he did every thing under the sun via remote access to scan my bios of errors, None! And cleaned the registry of and Kodak install files and removed the old Lexmark from the registry.  And re-downloaded the software from the Kodak site.  And it still will not run.  So  after about 10 attempted installs it finally gave a error record.  And He is sending that in with a report to see if they can see whats going on.  But in the mean time.  He did a back door way for me to print wireless to the new printer.  I just don't have the Kodak software to be able to Scan, Fax or edit pictures with the software it came with.  But at least I can print for now.

So tomorrow,  I have to contact HP support, "They are not the greatest"  And see if they can find out what is stopping the install.  This may be also the reason I can not install my Adobe Illustrator software on this new laptop.

All in all,  This is very frustrating.  But great to know that Kodak is super in their support department.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at my Daughter and SIL house. This was her first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  And she did a wonderful job. The food was awesome.   But today, I cooked a smaller version of Thanksgiving dinner just for the Hubby and I and my son that is here 2 days a week. LOL  

I don't think I mentioned this, But now that its public.  2 weeks ago, My son purposed to his girlfriend and she accepted.  And they brought over her twin 4 year old girls for me to meet.  They are so cute.  So now,  We are planning a wedding for March 2013 and I have 2 Bonus Granddaughters.  Yay!  more little ones to scrap. LOL

I have tomorrow off from watching my grandson,  so I will be working on a few more NEW Christmas Files. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

4 New Christmas Cards and Bag of Coal

Last week,  I was following the Cutter's Creek Design Team Blog!  They were doing a week long event of Christmas Cards using Echo Park.   And the cards are just beautiful.  I love the Echo Park line.  And plan to buy it ASAP!

But it got me in the mood to make Christmas Cards.  So you know me.  I have to create some thing to cut.  So I designed 4 New Christmas Cards.

RM00162 Christmas Cards 1

RM00163 Christmas Cards 2

I designed these Christmas Cards so that they cut out in layers and you can mass cut.  To get your cards done  fast. Each Card has 7 layers.  This cuts the whole card so you just fold it. It even has the fold marks.  Also includes the layers to finish the insides of the cards.

 The hardest part for me was picking out the paper.  I don't have Echo Park Christmas paper yet.  So I used my other favorite paper line.  This paper is MME (My Minds Eye)  This is the "Merry Days of Christmas"  I love the distressed muted colors of this set of papers.  I used  8 sheets of this line to make 4 cards and still have lots of scraps left to make other cards.

I used stickles on all the cards for that extra shine.  And used red rhinestones and red ribbon to decorate all the cards.  And all layers on front are on pop dots.

And this is another of my newest files added to the store tonight.  This one is a "Bag of Coal"  This one has bag, Ribbon, Title.  And 2 layer coals.  You can use the coals as is. The top has slits that cut out so it shows the lines in the coal.  Or you can use the bottom solid layer and run it though your embossing folders. Its up to you.

RM00161 Bag of Coal

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Freebie Thursday's Digital Downloads

Here is today's Freebie Thursday's Digital Download.  This gift from My Memories Suite.  Has 2 quick pages as png,  All the papers and embellishments used to create these pages.

These Digital downloads are free for you to use.   They come as PNG and JPG files so you can use them in any software you like.  But if you want to purchase My Memories Suites software.  You can use my special code STMMMS2830  and get $10 off the price and only pay $ 29.97.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish all my Blog Friends!  A Happy Thanksgiving.  And hope you have wonderful time with Friends and Family.  Be safe in your travels.  And have fun with those Black Friday Deals.


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Freebie Thursday's Digital Downloads (My Memories Tutorial)

Oh My Gosh!  I almost forgot this is Freebie Thursday.  For some reason I was thinking it was Wed. Man am I off a day.

Okay,  So here is your Freebie Thursday Digital download from "My Memories Suite"

You can download this Digital Freebie HERE

Several have asked if you can use other digi kits in My Memories.  YES you can.  Here is a video to show you how to use out side content. Meaning.  Other Digi kits and pictures.

*Using outside content in your My Memories Suite software* from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

If you would like the pdf of this to print out.  You can download that HERE

I have a special code just for you.  If you would like to purchase this Digital Scrapbooking software.  You can use my special code for $10 off the price.  Go to the My Memories Suite  and on the right side of the page.  Select which you would like.  Download Software or Ship Software.  And then Add to cart.  And in the box,  Enter Promo code.  Enter this number. STMMMS2830 and proceed to check out. 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Layouts from the Retreat

As you all know I went to the Creating for Causes Retreat Nov 4-6.  Man, it was wonderful.  We were treated so nice and pampered so much while at the retreat.

The food was out of this world.  We had a buffet brought to our ball room for Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.   And we had a snack buffet Friday and Saturday.  Friday night we had these awesome Apples every way you could think of.  Covered in White Chocolate, Apple Chips, as little tarts, also apple slices with caramel.  And other ways as well.   Then Saturday night.  We were treated to a full Ice Cream Sunday bar.  And it even had several kinds of cookies, brownies and hot fresh made pretzels. They were so good.

I cant even begin to tell you about all the different foods we had.  Oh My!  All the food was wonderful.  I dont think I have eaten so much in 3 days as I did that weekend. But it was wonderful.

It was really sad that only 9 people showed up at the event.  It was totally awesome. And we plan to go again next year.

I had entered 3 of the challenge categories and won all 3. But only because no one else entered.  But I'm really happy with the prizes I won.   I won 3  12 x 12 paper packs for those entries.   Though out the weekend.  I won several other prizes from the door prizes and raffle tickets we all bought.
I won the "All About Boys" stack by DCWV.  The Mainstreet Flocked " Stack by DCWV.   And I also won the Tim Holtz "Kraft Resist - Christmas Memories" stack.  Then for the Raffel had bought 25 tickets and only won one time. But I won the Martha Stewart Score Board.  I have been thinking about getting this one as it has more slots then my Score Pal.  So this was a great win.  Then I won 2 different stamp sets with my Door prize Tickets.  The little stack of paper was in my goodie bag.

 I managed to get 3 1/2 layouts done at the retreat.  I did a lot of cutting for Jill's  Baby Banner she made using my  Banner File RM00138.  The layout above is one I made using one of my files RM00134  I blurred out the pictures to make my daughter happy. My grandson was born 5 weeks early and was so tiny. He was wearing Preemie sleepers and they were so big on him.  He was 3 days old in these pictures.

This one I used my File Baby's First Bath RM00136 and for the circle border I used one of my Fancy Mats 1 RM00147.  I had to fuzzy out this picture as well.  But in this picture was his first bath after his belly button fell off.  And he was just enjoying it looking out the window.

This one is one of my all time favorites.  I designed this file not long ago. Precious Sleeping Baby RM00156  I originally thought I would cut this out of Blue, White and Yellow but, when I seen this one picture.  I just had to use it and change the colors.  And I cut it in green and brown to match the baby blanket in the picture. I think it turned out perfect.  I used yellow stickles on the stars and the Moon.  I tried to do this layout in 30 mins at the retreat for a challenge and didn't make it.  Oh Well,  it still turned out to be one of the favorites at the Retreat.    Sorry about the pictures. My son took my new Fuji camera with him on his weekend with his girl to the GA mountains. So I had to use my old stand by.

And guess what. I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home from the Retreat.

When I got home, I had this yellow package waiting for me.  And I know I have not bought any thing. And to my surprise.  Inside was this set of Tim Holtz Limited Edition Winter 2011 Distress Inks.  They were gifted to me from "Kimber Klause and the Merry Elves" of Cutters Creek.  You all know, I love Cutters Creek.  Her service is so fast.  I told every one about them at the retreat and two of my friends placed a order when they got back from the Retreat.  Thank you so much Kim.  These will go perfect with the Tim Holtz Resist stack I won.

Sorry about the slow posting the past few weeks.  As you know I have been taking care of my grand son, that is now 9 months old.  And he seems to be sick a lot these days. With this crazy weather we are having.  Last week, we were treating him for RSV.  He was on several medicines and Breathing treatments a day.  He seems to be better as far as the RSV but he still isn't feeling that good.  Maybe because he has cut some new teeth in the past few weeks. And got his 5th tooth on Friday.  And number 6 is working its way out.  Poor little man.  So I just spend all my time with him during the day.  Love that Little Punkin so much.

Make sure you check out the Creative team blog.  The girls are posting some really cute Christmas items.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Christmas Files Added to the Store

Hello All,

Its been a slow posting week or maybe two. Here on the Scrappin with Sharon and Smokey blog!

I did get 10 more Christmas files converted and loaded to the store.  Woo Hoo!  We are now up to 90 files in store. I have about 70 more to go. Whew!  I have 4 more Christmas files to convert packages for and add MTC files to and then I will start working on NEW Christmas Files.

You have a  request?  Email me at rsmobley85@gmail.com and if I use your idea.  You get the file for free.  How cool is that!

Here is the link to the files added to the store today.  I added 3D Snowflakes, Some Christmas signs perfect for your door or decorate your office.  I also added some cute titles with paper piecings to make Christmas cards. I have cut these at A2 size.  (4 1/4 X 5 1/2) and they cut perfect.

Here are a few of the files loaded today.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freebie Thursday's Digital Downloads (My Memories Tutorial)

Here is today's Freebie Thursday's Digital Download.  This gift from My Memories Suite.  Has 2 quick pages as png, papers as jpg, embellishments png, stitched border png, zipper pull png.

( This picture shows one page, but there are actually two quick pages).  I will be showing those with my samples.

These Digital downloads are free for you to use.  In any software you like.  They come as PNG and JPG files so you can use them in any software you like.  But if you want to purchase My Memories Suites software.  You can use my special code STMMMS2830  and get $10 off the price and only pay $ 29.97.

Here are my samples using the quick pages in this kit.

I used the quick page, and added the zipper pull from this kit, and then added a couple of flowers from the My Memories Suits software.  Added the text to the zipper pull and the ribbon. This is a picture we took this weekend at the Creating for Causes Retreat.

Here is my second page using the quick page in the kit.   I added my picture of the sign at the Creating for Causes Retreat.  And added Flowers to the Zipper pull so it looks like a book plate.  And added the title. This Retreat raised money for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida.

If you want to know how to add these quick pages in My Memories Suites software.  This is how I added them.

1.  Start with a blank page

2. Embellishments > Add > Browse Other and look for your quick page where you have saved and extracted the file. And double click to add your quick page.  Bring the quick page in as an Embellishment so that you can use it as a layer and move your pictures behind the quick page and add other things to the top.

3. Photos > Add and look for the picture you want to add to your quick page. Resize your picture and position over the photo opening.  Then click on the quick page and right click, select Bring forward and see if your picture placement is good.  If not. Right click and Send backward and move your picture.

4.  Text > Add Text.  A cloudy box will appear.  You can double click the box to size it to the image you want to type in. I sized mine to the size of the zipper pull.  And choose the center alignment.  Type your words.  Select font and size.  When done, click on quick page to set your text.

5. To add embellishments like Flowers.  Click Add and in the drop down list.  Select Flowers and they will appear on the right side and select the one you want.  Double click and close, Or select and apply and close. Then resize and place your Flower.  If you want a duplicate.  You can select Copy and Paste and place it where you like.

6. When done, go to top menu bar and Share Album > Export to JPEG and save it where you like.

That's it. Super easy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Headed to the Creating for Causes Retreat!

I'm so excited!  Today is the day! I'm going to the Creating for Causes Retreat Friday - Sunday.   I'm all packed, and yes think I'm taking to much scrapping stuff. LOL!  And I'm sure, when I get there I will remember some thing I forgot.  That is just how it always works out , Right!.

I'm taking my Laptop and my Cricut, so I can cut some of my files to make some layouts.  But I will also be able to check orders.  And send out those files.  So don't worry about that.  I will send them as soon as I can.

Have y'all checked out the Creative Team Blog lately?   You really should.  The girls are posting some really cute projects.  Michelle and Marie have returned to the team.  And we have 3 new girls.  Kenya, Chrissie and Ruthie.  So make sure you stop over and checkout their intro and go visit their blogs and welcome them to the team.  I'm so happy to have this great group of girls working along with me.

Okay, off to get ready, I will try and post some retreat pictures this weekend.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Freebie Thursday's Digital Downloads

Happy Thursday,

Every Thursday, I will be posting a free Digital Download from My Memories Suite Scrapbooking software. This weeks download is a cute 2 page Quick page.  It comes papers and elements to make your own or you can use the 2 premade quick pages.  These are great to save and start working on a album that you can have printed later.

Here is this weeks Digital Download.  You can get it HERE

If you don't have My Memories Suite Digital scrappbooking software you can get it at a really great price.  And if you use my code STMMMS2830 you will get $10 off so you only pay $29.97.  

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